Folding Arm Awnings can keep your family and patio furniture cool and protected from the hot sun, passing showers, and harmful UV rays

No other awning gives you all the features, benefits and value of Folding Arm Awnings. It can transform your deck or patio into a shady retreat where you’ll love to spend time. With this type of awnings the arms folds horizontally instead of vertically, and they are cantilevered out from the wall using special brackets. This way the area underneath the awning will be free for use without having to worry about walking into arms or any intrusive posts. Also, the awning can stay on your home all year long, and there is no need to take it down in winter, just retract it. When retracted the space is not only free of any structure, but the frame structure is neatly tugged away under a Colour-bond Steel Pelmet or into a full cassette.


How Folding Arm Awnings Operate

Again, with our Folding Arm Awnings they can be controlled by electric powered motors, which will open and close the awnings smoothly, quietly, and effortlessly in seconds at the touch of a button. Otherwise, for the smaller size awnings, manual operations with our Geared (Crank) system are ideal for those who are price conscious or where power for an electric motor is not possible.

Our Folding Arm awnings can be installed directly onto a brick wall, or by using custom designed brackets they can be installed over any kind of siding, and even under low eaves and overhangs.



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  • Maximum width 5900mm, maximum drop 3500mm.
  • Optional Adjustable Pitch (adjustable arms) where you can adjust the projection level from 0 up to 40o by crank handle when use.
  • Standard Arms available from 1500mm up to 3500mm, Adjustable Arms from 2000mm up to 3000mm.
  • Crank handle sizes vary from 1200mm up to 2400mm.
  • Aluminium white frame and arms as standard, powder coating optional.
  • Rafter brackets, special steel angle brackets, and many other special components are supplied to suit any applications and specific fitting requirements.
  • A choice of cassette head box, colour-bond head box, and no head box. Colour-bond pelmets available in a vast range of colours, powder-coating optional.
  • Scalloped and Straight valance options for you to choose from.
  • Integrated spline to prevent fabric from slipping away from top roller or bottom rail.


Fabric Choices

Large Range of Fabric Available in Canvas, Mesh and Acrylic

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Motorised Folding Arm Awnings